Monday, February 4, 2013

Semantic Similarity in a Taxonomy: An Information-Based Measure and its Application to Problems of Ambiguity in Natural Language. Philip Resnik. JAIR 1999

  • Key Ideas
  • Comments
    • Semantic similarity as a special case of semantic relatedness (relation is IS-A)
      • For example, car-gasoline are related, but car-bicycle are similar.
    • "... measures of similarity ... are seldom accompanied by an independent characterization of the phenomenon they are measuring ... The worth of a similarity measure is in its fidelity to human behavior, as measured by predictions of human performance on experimental tasks."
  • Note
    • polysemy as a special case of homonymy (the different meanings have a common aspect, and are hence called `senses')
      • For example, `man' is polysemous (species, gender, adult) while `bank' is homonymous (river-edge, money-place).

An Approach for Measuring Semantic Similarity between Words Using Multiple Information Sources. Yuhua Li, Zuhair A. Bandar, and David McLean. IEEE KDE 2003

  • Key Ideas
  • Comments
    • "Similarity between two words is often represented by similarity between concepts associated with the two words."
    • "Evidence from psychological experiments demonstrate that similarity is context-dependent and may be asymmetric ... Experimental results investigating the effects of asymmetry suggest that the average difference in ratings for a word pair is less than 5 percent"

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