Thursday, April 25, 2013

Attended a literature review on Question Answering by Akihiro Katsura. Some interesting references.
  • Green, Chomsky, et al. 1961. The BASEBALL system.
    • rule-based
  • Isozaki et al. 2009.
    • machine learning-based
  • Methodology of QA
    • Question analysis
      • Xue et al. SIGIR 2008. Retrieval  models for QA archives.
    • Text retrieval
      • Jones et al. IPM 2000. ---Okapi/BM25
      • Berger et al. SIGIR 2000.---Bridging the lexical chasm (OOV problem)
      • Brill et al. TREC 2001.---Data intensive QA
    • Answer candidate extraction
      • Lafferty et al. ICML 2001.---CRF
      • Ravichandran & Hovy. ACL 2002.---Surface text patterns for QA
    • Answer selection
      • Clarke et al. SIGIR 2001.---Redundancy in QA
  • Other related work
    • Cao et al. WWW 2008.---Recommending questions
    • Wang et al. SIGIR 2009.---Similar questions
    • Wang et al. SIGIR 2009.---answer ranking
    • Jeon et al. SIGIR 2006.---answer ranking with non-textual features (votes, etc.)

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